Aurion Premium Fitness Pro Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Belt (Large, Maroon, 1pc) for Men and Women |Gym Equipment | Body Fitness Back Support Weightlifting Belt | Adjustable Buckle | Power Training

Price: ₹899.00
(as of May 25,2023 11:15:22 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Gym Belts

wearing a gym beltwearing a gym belt

The Aurion Weightlifting belts are designed for use during strength training exercises. They are made of leather and are designed to help protect the lower back and spine from injury by providing additional support for the abdominal and lower back muscles.

Comfortable, Durable Construction with Adjustable Hook and Loop

gym beltgym belt

Perfect for Strength Training, Gym Workouts, Deadlifts and Power Lifting

gym belt support back weight lifting workoutgym belt support back weight lifting workout

Worn during heavy lifts to help maintain proper form and technique, and can also be used to help lifters push themselves to lift heavier weights.

Durable Double Reinforced Stitching

gym beltgym belt

4 Inch Width to provide the perfect support to your Spine and Lower Back

gym beltgym belt

Stabilize your back & reduce stress: Forget about stabbing back pains that would hinder every move. Enjoy enhanced range of motion and lift those weights like you should. Nothing can stop you now with Aurion weight lifting belt on. Alleviate pains, reduce muscle stress, protect yourself against injuries and stabilize your spine.
Skyrocket your weight lifting performances: How would you feel if you could increase your power, strength and muscle growth? Ecstatic, right? All you need is our gym belt and some weights. Improve your athletic performances; lift even more weights, and even increase lifting speed. And all that without jeopardizing perfect form.
When quality meets comfort: All Aurion weight lifting belts measure 4 inches and have just about the right size so as facilitate your training to the fullest. The double reinforced stitching, riveting underpinning and ultra resilient oil leather craftsmanship, guarantee that this waist belt can withstand some heavy duty use.
For all sports, workouts and fitness sessions: Aurion waist belts have foam lumbar pads and are ideal for men and women, athletes, gym fans, and sports enthusiasts. Perfect for weight and power lifting, gym workouts, bodybuilding, bench press, squats, deadlifts, cleans, bicep curls, snatches, bent-over rows, and CrossFit.

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