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Product Description

earthy fabearthy fab

Plastics are synthetically manufactured with a combination of chemicals. When food is stored in plastic bags and containers these chemicals can strain into the food and infest them. Our fruits and veggies need good air circulation storing them in airtight plastic causes rotting and spoiling them quickly. Earthy Fab Fruit and Veggie Bags are made of breathable cotton which to escape and keep our fruits and veggies fresh for longer than any other storage method.

Did you know that using earthy fab fruit & veggie bags will keep your fruits & veggies fresh longer?

fruit storage fridge bags

fruit storage fridge bags

cotton fridge bags

cotton fridge bags

reusable fridge bags

reusable fridge bags

Keep your Fruits and Veggies Nutritious and Fresh

As our fruits & veggies sit and age, it begins to emit ethylene gas, which causes fruits and vegetables to rot so quickly. The breathable cotton fabric of our bags allows to escape, which keeps our fruits & veggies fresh for longer, while plastic bags trap this gas inside.

Reusable, Multipurpose

You can reuse these bags for many years. It is good for you and good, which avoids plastic use significantly. These cotton produce bags are not only for food items, such as fruits, veggies, snacks, but also perfect for storage, such as toys, cosmetics, accessories, travel as an alternative of plastic bags.

Eco Material, Storage Bag

Earthy Fab Fruit & Veggie Bags are made of smooth, delicate, cotton material which is neither harmful to our planet nor to our health.

multipurpose storage fridge bagsmultipurpose storage fridge bags

Product with Purpose

Earthy Fab Fruit & Veggie bags will protect your product while protecting our planet. Our produce bags are the ultimate to use in our daily life.

When you choose to use our reusable cotton bags, you are saving our environment and your health, one less plastic bag at a time.

Cotton Fruits Printed Fridge Bags

cotton fridge storage bagscotton fridge storage bags

Multipurpose, Reusable, Washable – Store any household items, Ideal for kitchen storage, fridge bags, accessories, toys, medicine, cosmetics etc. without any harmful impact on our planet and your health.
Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Bpa Free – These cotton bags are the best eco alternative to end plastic waste from our day to day activities. Say goodbye to toxic plastic forever.
Give Eco Boost to Your Home and Kitchen – These reusable, biodegradable bags are made of natural cotton with smart print. Drawstring closer make them easy to use and durable.
Product with Purpose – Your purchase will support livelihood for women groups who made these eco friendly bags. Designed for the responsible and eco conscious consumer who cares about our planet by reducing plastic footprint.

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