How We Are Fooled By “Best” Web Hosting Companies

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This is the article series published in one book presenting the results of a small but useful research on shared web hosting. This information will be very helpful for website owners, bloggers, online business owners choosing a web hosting.

A little test if you need this book:

Do you need a web hosting but puzzled what hosting to choose? If so, then this book is a perfect starting point for you to make the right choice.

Have you heard of Endurance International Group before? If not, then it will be a lot of nerves saving book for you.

Actually, you may visit our website and find the information there for free, but here it is in just a more convenient Kindle book format.

The book is not big (about 8,000 words) and very easy to read. It is not a deep science book, but rather a client research report. Only practically useful information that you can start utilizing right away.

– You will see the manipulative matter of “best” web hosting promotion through enormous affiliate commissions and fake reviews.

– Also you will get an initial idea of such significant factors in choosing a web host as overselling and overloading.

– Besides, you will get to know about the detrimental monopolistic tendency in web hosting market. It is pretended that there is a competition between web hosting companies, whereas many well-promoted web hosts are the parts of just one big company. This big company has enough funds to promote its web hosts and influence on top web hosting charts and ratings.

– You will encounter the ways to find out really decent web hosting companies that do their work really well.

The research was done within project “Research as a Hobby” (

Table of Contents:

– Introduction

– Why I wrote this post series about choosing the best website hosting

– The only paragraph you must read about shared hosting

– What is wrong with top web hosting review sites

– How to find out if a review is fake

– How to find a review you can trust

– What may be wrong with the hosts that offer enormous affiliate commissions

– How to choose good quality hosting for affordable budget; DON’Ts and thoughts

— What is overselling and how it is connected with overloading?

— Smaller companies’ game on affordable web hosting playground

— Loving the idea of smaller companies with better service and more personal approach

— A couple of notes about deceitful EIG host corporation

— Notes about web host ratings, unlimited plans and sign-up bonuses

– Reliable web hosting to recommend

— Who may need these recommendations?

— How can you use the recommendations?

— In short, how did I come to the list of reliable web hosting companies?

— The recommendations

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