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 "We all love shopping from the comforts of our home with global shopping networks such as QVC, HSN, Shop NBC among many. We select products, and services that ignite our taste for a personal interest in an item that we believe is being professionally presented and sold to us for our satisfaction. More than holding an item in our hand we are seeking the truth about the product and an industry from a sales person who has integrity, knowledge, and experience. There are many "sales people" in all area’s of marketing, but then there are The Global Masters of product presentation that are a very small percentage of all men, and woman involved in sales. Thomas D. Piggott is a Global Master of product presentation, and has been for over 25 years on all the major TV shopping networks around the globe, which have been viewed by millions upon millions of network shoppers. What would you say if I told you Tom would be stopping by your home, and sitting right next to you as you surfed the global shopping networks with him as he helped you with your next decision and purchase? Well this can basically become a reality – for Tom has an e-book and an audio book entitled "INSIDE TV SHOPPING – – THE DIRT AND THE SOAP". You will be lead backstage during the live shopping broadcasts – you will learn about the sales techniques, the producers, the inside information that only the sales people have access to, plus Tom’s own personal experiences about how he himself would shop from home for his family. You will learn what makes the industry tick, and the inside workings of product’s and people who have failed the industry to the point where many people distrust it.  It’s like the President taking you into his personal living quarters in the White House. Owning "INSIDE TV SHOPPING – – THE DIRT AND THE SOAP is inviting Tom into your living room to learn the inside of a multi billion dollar industry, so you can learn the techniques that only a Global Master sales professional can offer. Tom has sold millions of items on TV’s shopping networks, because he gives the buyer the opportunity to make their own selection according to the quality and price of an item. To have someone guiding you who is that finely tuned to the global marketing of products as Tom is, brings an opportunity for something no TV shopper should be without. I’m a nice guy, but I am not letting anyone borrow my e-book or my audio book of "INSIDE TV SHOPPING – – THE DIRT AND THE SOAP, so please follow the links offered so you can purchase your own copies today – – and allow one of the greatest Global Masters of product presentation and sales, into your home to guide you with your next TV Shopping Network experience. You can write Tom for information at [email protected]

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