Maharaja Whiteline Glacio Prime 65, Desert Air Cooler 65 Litre, Wood Wool Pads White & Grey (CO-164)

Price: ₹11,699 - ₹10,411.00
(as of May 22,2023 13:04:40 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer





65 Litre Large Tank Capacity

Glacio Prime 65 has a water tank capacity of 65L that can easily last for hours. This kind of volume capacity, allows you to get free from the irritating efforts of frequent refilling.

High Cooling Efficiency & Delivery Rate of 4800CMH

Maharaja Whiteline Glacio Prime 65 is available with a powerful blower for a superior air delivery rate of 4800CMH to provide a day-night-long cooling effect.

Powerful Air Flow Of 13.11 Meters

Glacio Prime 65 has a powerful air throw that covers a long distance of 13.11 and helps to deliver air throughout the room. It provides quick and effective cooling in less time




Wood Wool Pads

The wood wool pad is installed in the cooler for delivering the chilled air and helps you to overcome the uncomfortable time.

Inverter Compatible

This cooler is fabricated with the purpose to work smoothly at a low power supply thus making it more adaptable to perform well when use with the inverter.

Dry Run Protected Submersible Pump

The cooler features a shockproof body with a dry run protected submersible pump for added safety to protect the pump & motor, in case the water level falls below the mark.


Maharaja Whiteline Glacio Prime 65 Dessert Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline offers you a Glacio Prime 65 Dessert Air Cooler for maintaining a quiet better cooling atmosphere in a shorter time period. This cooler has a strong throw of air and effective cooling with very low noise operation.

Wood Wool pads are installed in the cooler to absorb the water and generate cool air throughout the operation.

Dry run protected submersible pump for added safety to protect the pump & motor in case of water level downfall. Inverter compatibility of cooler offers nonstop cooling to you in summers and allows you to enjoy the hot season in every manner.

Capacity: 65 litres, ideal for room size up to 75 sq ft
High air delivery of 48 m3/hr, heavy air throw of 42 ft., 4 way air deflection, 3 speed levels (low, medium & high)
Power: 18 Watts, Operating Voltage: 23 V
Inverter Compatible
Anti-bacterial Tank
High Cooling Efficiency: Comes with Ice chamber that can be filled with ice cubes for a further drop in air temperature

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