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The Lord has inspired me to write prose poems to glorify His holy name.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is worthy to be praised. He is the creator of all things in the heavens and on earth. The Lord has given me the talent to write prose poems about Him.

The most beautiful prose poems are in The Book of Psalms. King David was a King and a poet who was after God’s heart.
I love writing prose poems about my Lord Jesus, who I want to love and obey day after day. When it comes to the Lord, you and I can never run out of using our talents for Him. Glorifying the Lord’s holy name is a lifetime service unto the Lord. You and I can serve man who can be displeased, but the Lord is pleased with you and me for serving Him with all of our hearts.

For as long as I live, I want to write prose poems about my Lord Jesus, who I love to share with others in my prose poems. The Lord has been too good to me for me to keep Him all to myself. I have to be a witness of Him in my prose poems and, most of all, in my life.

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