Orient Electric Ultimo 65L Desert Air Cooler with Densenest Honeycomb pads, Ice chamber & High Air Delivery | Desert Cooler for home (Grey)

Price: ₹16,190 - ₹10,545.00
(as of May 23,2023 01:56:51 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Ultimo 65L_1Ultimo 65L_1

Desert Air Cooler

Orient Ultimo cooler with its powerful air throw and Aerofan technology create powerful, Unmatched cooling for you.

Ultimo 65L_2Ultimo 65L_2

Ultimo 65L_3AUltimo 65L_3A

Ultimo 65L_3BUltimo 65L_3B

Ultimo 65L_3CUltimo 65L_3C

Ultimo 65L_3DUltimo 65L_3D

The DenseNest Honeycomb Cooling Pads

It gives you 25% more cooling and 45% more water retention because of less gap between the cooling flutes.

Ice Chamber for Quick Cooling

A separate compartment that let’s you add ice for instant extra cooling.

Dust Filter

Keeps dust away with dust filter, So that you can enjoy fresh and healthy air wherever you wish.

Prevents Mosquito Breeding

The revolutionary sanitisation feature helps keep mosquitoes away and keeps you & your family safe.

Ultimo 65L_4AUltimo 65L_4A

Ultimo 88L 8Ultimo 88L 8

Ultimo 65L_3CUltimo 65L_3C

Ultimo 88L 10Ultimo 88L 10

Fully Collapsible Louvres

Louvres that collapse flat when it is not being used. This prevents dust/insects to enter the air quality.

Cord Winder

A cord winder features allows you better organised storage of the cooler when not in use.

Carry Your Cool

The easy maneuverability with caster wheels makes it easy to move. Set your climate where you go.

Auto Fill & Water Level Indicator

The desert cooler comes with an auto fill function and a water level indicator.

Ultimo Artboard 5Ultimo Artboard 5

LONGEST AIR THROW: Thanks to its Aerofan technology, the air cooler can throw air up to 18.3 m. This ensures efficient airflow and rapid cooling, making it the perfect air cooler for home.
25% MORE COOLING, 45% MORE WATER RETENTION: Equipped with DenseNest honeycomb cooling pads, this air cooler for home ensures rapid and enhanced cooling performance for a long duration.
QUICK COOLING WITH ICE CHAMBER: Designed with a dedicated ice chamber, this air cooler for room reduces the temperature of the water passing through the cooling pads. This helps boost the cooling efficiency and helps you stay comfortable in hot weather.
FULLY COLLAPSIBLE LOUVRES: Built with fully collapsible louvres, this desert cooler prevents mosquito breeding and thereby keeping it clean and hygienic.
LARGE TANK CAPACITY: With its large water storage capacity, this air cooler for home ensures high air cooling without requiring frequent refills and runs for longer time.
INVERTER COMPATIBLE: Owing to its compatibility with inverters, this air cooler keeps you cool and comfortable even when there is a power cut, giving you the best comfort

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