Panasonic 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split AC (Copper Condenser, 7 in 1 Convertible with additional AI Mode, PM 0.1 Air Purification Filter, CS/CU-SU18YKYWT,2023 Model, White)

Price: ₹55,400 - ₹36,490.00
(as of May 23,2023 18:24:40 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Panasonic Air Conditioner

AC Healthier HomesAC Healthier Homes

Meet The Future


Panasonic ACs provide convenience with the AI-enabled MirAie App,. With intelligent and unique features such as the customized sleep mode, the AC enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to pre-set temperatures profiles through the night for comfort. Users can also create different temperature profiles for weekdays and weekends. Featuring an intuitive auto-diagnosis feature, the new connected range is equipped to detect issues in advance and alert users. Miraie app also provides one-touch service request. The Miraie app allows users to manage e-warranties and receive notifications about service requests. This connected AC can also be operated via voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

MirAie-Connected Living

Panasonic Smart AC, MirAie AppPanasonic Smart AC, MirAie App

Panasonic AC, Voice CommandsPanasonic AC, Voice Commands

Panasonic Smart AC, Custom Sleep ProfilePanasonic Smart AC, Custom Sleep Profile

Convenience with the AI-enabled MirAie App

A Smarter Way to Control Your Air

The Panasonic MirAie delivers convenient control, connectivity and comfort. Seamlessly adjust temperature, monitor status and change modes right from the MirAie App.

Control Your Air Conditioner With Voice Control

Intuitive Voice Control

Introducing intuitive voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa control compatibility. Using your existing Google assistant or Alexa devices, control your Panasonic air conditioner with just your voice.

Customized Sleep Profile

Sleep Peacefully without midnight chills

MirAie enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to schedule hourly temperature to eliminate midnight chills. Users can also create different temperature profiles for weekdays and weekends.

7 in 1 Convertible with additional AI Mode



While Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioners are truly auto convertible, there is a provision to manually adjust the AC for up to 7 stages of cooling performance ranging from 40% to more than 100%, this can be done via Converti7 button on the remote or on the MirAie app

AI Mode

AI mode powered by MirAie senses external weather conditions like heat and humidity & automatically manages temperature, mode and fan speed to provide best cooling with optimum power consumption.

Meet Performance

Panasonic Auto Convertible InverterPanasonic Auto Convertible Inverter

Panasonic AC, MirAie One touch ServicePanasonic AC, MirAie One touch Service

Panasonic Smart AC, Stabilizer free operationsPanasonic Smart AC, Stabilizer free operations

Auto Convertible Inverter

Enjoy Energy Saving and Comfort

All-in-One Auto-Convertible Panasonic Air Conditioners adjust the cooling capacity automatically basis the temperature and humidity level inside the room. Enjoy not just hassle-free cooling but save on energy bills too. The Inverter provides a host of benefits for your comfort, such as fast cooling upon start-up, constantly maintaining a set temperature, a wider power output range, reduced noise levels and energy savings.

One Touch Service and Self Diagnosis

Manage Air Conditioning & Troubleshooting Effortlessly

Featuring an intuitive auto-diagnosis feature, the Panasonic Air Conditioner is equipped to detect issues in advance and alert users. The MiAaie App provides one-touch service request and allows users to monitor and manage e-warranties.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Long Term Durability

Panasonic Air Conditioners are designed to operate under tough conditions with stabilizer free operation for voltage range between 100V-290V. If power fluctuation is beyond the stated limit, then a stabilizer is required.

Meet Durability

Panasonic AC, Shield Blu TechnologyPanasonic AC, Shield Blu Technology

Shield Blu

Enjoy life long comfort with Panasonic AC that feature 100% pure copper coils for faster heat transfer and resistance to corrosion. Panasonic designs its products to be user friendly so our customers can use them for a long time with confidence. Panasonic ACs come with R32 Refrigerant that protects the condenser from accidental fire while ensuring zero damage to the ozone layer. Panasonic air conditioners come with Shield Blu technology, an extra anti-corrosive coating on both the indoor and outdoor unit. This prevents leakage & protects the copper tubing and doubles the life of heat exchangers.

Capacity: 1.5 Ton – Suitable for small sized rooms (121-180 sq ft). Energy Star Rating: 3 Star | Annual Power Consumption: 1002.72 kWh | ISEER: 3.90. The star rating is as per new BEE guidelines.501 (Indoor) CFM Air Circulation & Ambient Temperature: 52 degree Celsius
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive on Product | 4 years on PCB |9 years on Compressor.
Smart AC: Control your AC with your phone now. Seamlessly adjust temperature, monitor status and change modes right from the AI enabled Miraie App on phone. Seamless hands-free operation and Voice Control with Alexa and Hey Google. Experience convenience by setting hourly temperature and customised sleep profiles.
Copper Condenser Coil: Better cooling and requires low maintenance. Healthy Cooling: Equipped with the PM 0.1 Filter to provide dust free, clean air by removing the PM 0.1 particles in the air.
Wi-Fi Split AC with Twin Cool Inverter compressor: Variable Speed Inverter Compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. Refrigerant gas: R32 – Environmental friendly.
100% Copper Tubing: Helps in better heat exchange and enhances cooling. It also enhances durability of the product via Anti Corrosion Shield Blu Technology. Equipped with Powerful and Dry Mode for different cooling needs and automatic humidity control. Lowest Noise Operation and Low gas detection.

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