Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein with Digestive Enzymes, 300 gm (Vanilla)

Price: ₹ 1,099.00 - ₹ 429.00
(as of Feb 23,2021 12:26:51 UTC – Details)

Sinew Nutrition palladium 100 percent whey protein is Pure, Natural and High Quality Protein. It contains Ion Exchange whey protein isolate and cross Flow Ultra Filtration whey protein Concentrates. They are the purest form and contain little or no fat, lactose and cholesterol. It provides a good amount of BCAA and also works as an anti-oxidant and immune system builder. The Whey combination is a one of the best combination to give you 80 percent of Protein per serve. Why Sinew palladium 100 percent whey protein? Sinew palladium whey protein is one of the best supplement that contains all 20 Amino Acids including 3 Branched Chain Aminos and Glutamine respectively. Moreover, whey proteins are the best to supplement your body with added proteins. With this pack of whey we are able to provide 24g of the purest protein in a scoop size of 30 g intended for muscle building and increasing the depleted level of protein through exercise. This Great Tasting High Quality protein promotes lean muscle gain and provides strength and energy during workout. Sinew Nutrition palladium 100 percent whey protein is a natural and healthy way to bring protein into your diet and increase wellbeing. With Sinew whey protein, now, you can have longer hours for your extensive workouts in the gym. This supplement is an ultimate source of definitive and instantized source of proteins. It has innovative and advanced formulation which will assure that your body is fuelled with the most formidable and elite whey.
Serving: Each serve provides you 5.3 gm of naturally occurring BCAA and 4.18 gm of Glutamine
Builds Muscle- With Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein, you can build muscles and speed up the recovery of muscles which were depleted after an intense workout.
Loaded With Protein- Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein is loaded with protein which aids in faster muscle recovery after an intense workout.
Minerals Enriched- With our Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein, you will give your workout a boost as it is enriched with loads of minerals and vitamins which are beneficial in achieving the dream body.

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