Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills, 300g, Original Filled Cookies with Choco Crème

Price: ₹170 - ₹142.00
(as of Aug 30, 2023 17:54:40 UTC – Details)

Experience heavenly bliss like never before with Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills. With every bite of this delectable cookie, you’ll find yourself deeper into an indulgent fantasy. So, take a bite and you can turn on the Din Khatam, Fantasy Shuru mode. Take a trip down the indulgence lane with Dark Fantasy Choco Fills as it is a concoction of pure delight. Luxurious molten, gooey choco crème is encased in the centre of the perfectly baked caramelised, golden cookie crust. The crunchiness of the cookie and the richness of the velvety chocolaty centre will wreak havoc on your tastebuds. Crafted and perfected by our ITC Master Chefs, Dark Fantasy Choco Fills is the answer to your cravings – for a sinful dessert experience, a sweet snack on the go, or a midnight bite. Irrespective of the time, place and mood, this tempting chocolate cookie will always lift your spirits. A sweet, delicious snack, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills can also be shared with your loved ones. Although, we bet that you won’t like sharing it with anyone. Delicious desserts made easy with Dark Fantasy – Explore our exquisite dessert collection that are quick to make with minimal ingredients and absolutely delectable.
It has a perfectly baked golden cookie on the outside, luscious molten chocolate on the inside
Can’t wait for the boring day to end? Take a bite of this indulgent chocolate cookie to turn on the Din Khatam, Fantasy Shuru mode
A treat so indulgent and delectable, you just won’t like to share
It is ideal as an on the go snack because you never know when a craving might strike
Dark Fantasy Choco Fills cookie is also an essential ingredient to whip up some quick and delicious desserts

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