Sony E Mount Sony FE 200–600mm F5.6–6.3 G OSS Full-Frame Lens (SEL200600G) | Super-Telephoto Zoom | for Wildlife Photography

Price: ₹1,77,990 - ₹1,54,888.00
(as of May 04, 2024 03:57:50 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

High resolution throughout the zoom rangeHigh resolution throughout the zoom range

High resolution throughout the zoom range

Five ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements and one aspherical element in a new optical design offer superb resolution and image quality throughout the zoom range. The aspherical element suppresses spherical aberration and distortion, while the ED glass elements minimise chromatic aberration, which can be a problem at super-telephoto focal lengths.

Beautiful, natural G lens bokehBeautiful, natural G lens bokeh

Beautiful, natural G lens bokeh

An 11-blade circular aperture mechanism adds to the beauty of the bokeh produced by this lens, making it possible to use the narrow depth of field available at super-telephoto focal lengths to produce striking images with deep, creamy G lens bokeh.

Three customisable focus hold buttonsThree customisable focus hold buttons

Three customisable focus hold buttons

Customisable focus hold buttons are provided in three locations 90° apart, providing easy access when shooting in horizontal orientation or vertical orientation with the camera grip up or down. Other functions can be assigned to the buttons as required.

Internal zoom supports stable shootingInternal zoom supports stable shooting

Focus range limiter for faster focusFocus range limiter for faster focus

Fast, precise AF tracks swift subjectsFast, precise AF tracks swift subjects

Internal zoom supports stable shooting

An internal zoom mechanism means that the length of the lens does not change while zooming, for stable handheld operation with consistent balance. Internal zoom also means that the distance between the front element and the subject does not change.

Focus range limiter for faster focus

A focus range limiter switch makes it possible to limit the lens’s autofocus range to 2.4 to 10 metres, 10 metres to infinity or allow full-range autofocus with no limit. This can speed up autofocus in some situations by preventing the lens from focusing on subjects outside the target range.

Fast, precise AF tracks swift subjects

Sony’s DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) system has the power and precision needed to drive the lens’s mechanism for remarkably fast, accurate focusing. High positioning accuracy means that no movement is wasted. Pinpoint autofocus is achieved with blazing speed. The DDSSM system is incredibly quiet, too.

Super telephoto zoom G lens
Direct Drive SSM for quiet, highly precise focus lens control
Advanced optical design incorporating an aspherical element and five ED glasses for entire zoom range
Sony Nano AR Coating to eliminate flare and ghosting

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