XTRENGTH Advanced Hd+ Tempered Glass Screen Protector Designed For Asus Rog 5 / Rog 5S / Rog 5S Pro/Rog 5 Ultimate – Edge To Edge Full Screen Coverage With Easy Installation Kit For Cellphone

Price: ₹999 - ₹284.00
(as of Feb 20, 2024 12:20:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description

xtrength screen guard tempered glass screen protector guard xtrength screen guard tempered glass screen protector guard

Three Reasons Why you should invest in our product

scratch resistantscratch resistant

3d touch sensitive compatiblity3d touch sensitive compatiblity

anti fingerprintanti fingerprint

Ultimate Scratch Reisitant

Our screen protector provides protection from daily rough usage of your smartphone.

3D Touch compatible

Our screen protector is touch sensitive. Feels nothing is there, but looks like something is there.

Fingerprint and Water resistant

Out Screen protector is water, oil and fingerprint resistant. It means it is super easy to wipe water, oil and fingerprint marks from out screen protector.

XTRENGTH’s Ultimate Mobile Phone Protection!

Automate Air-Absorption XTRENGTH’s Screen protector hugs your smartphone’s screen perfectly without leaving any air-bubbles behind. Fully Adhesive XTRENGTH’s Screen Protector is fully adhesive, and it sticks to the screen very easily. This is because we use the best quality glue in our screen protectors. Precision Based Cutouts Cutouts are inch-Perfect. All items inclusive Package includes : 1 Pc. XTRENGTH’s Screen Protector + XTRENGTH’s Easy Installation Kit (Wet Wipe , Guide Stickers , Microfiber Cloth , Dust Absorbing Sticker) Easy Installation Process The tempered glass is very easy to install. You are just required to align it perfectly and the glass will automatically stick to your smartphone.

Why choose our screen protector?

As a proud and excited owner, you want ultimate protection for your larger HD Display screen without compromising your user experience. Basically, you want to enjoy your device to the max, safe in the knowledge that if you drop or scratch your phone, you’re totally protected with XTRENGTH.

Compared with ordinary screen protector, our screen protector boasts better scratch-proof, anti-skid and anti-wear performance. Moreover, because of ultra-high rigidness, even if you device falls down carelessly, it can play a role in buffering to certain degree, thereby protecting the screen from being broken.

xtrength's premium tempered glassxtrength's premium tempered glass

Frequently asked questions

1. Does it come with a cleaning wipe to use prior to placing on the phone?

The Package includes 1 Pc. Screen Protector(s) + Wet Wipe + Microfiber Cloth + Dust absorbing sticker + Guide Stickers.

2. How can I remove bubbles?

Before placing the screen protector, please first clean the screen by using kits in the package. If there are bubbles, please try to press the bubble by using your finger with a little force, and try to use a ruler or a credit card to help you with the problem, but a thin cloth pad is needed on the surface of the screen to avoid scratches the protector.

3. Is it made of tempered glass or plastic?

This screen protector is a real tempered glass. It is made of specially processed glass which is very effective of protecting your screen from damage.

4. Is it compatible with back covers / cases?

As, it is and edge to edge screen protector, we recommend to use only soft back cover / cases, otherwise the back case will result in lifting of screen protector from sides.

5. Does it show fingerprints? Because of the oleophobic coating on our screen protectors, fingerprints won’t stick and can be easily wiped away. We recommend using a cloth for quick and easy cleaning.

✿ THE REAL 9H HARDNESS :-This strong 9H (hardness level) protector will Protect your cell phone the best protection against drops, bumps, scratches and normal wear and tear.
✿ WHY US? :- XTRENGTH ‘s Advanced and Upgraded Tempered Glass screen protectors are the latest in state-of-the-art screen protection technology. We provide quality screen protector’s which other brands fail to provide. Our 24*7 customer care is always present to take care of your trust you invest in the purchase.
✿ HD CLARITY:- High transparency, super clear about 99% transparency, crystal clear crystal-like tempered glass screen protector can give you the best visual experience.
✿ ADDITIONAL FEATURES :- 2.5D round edges, Anti-Bacterial , Anti-Scratch and Anti-fingerprint, smooth touch sensation and when removed, leaves no residue behind.

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